Managed Services

Let us be your personal “IT pro” and take the tech issue out of your hands. We can be onsite or link remotely to address each problem that occurs.

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Computer Repair and Install

Computers are machines and do break down over time. They can also cause frustration with viruses or general slowness. Let us take away the burden with complete computer cleanup; increasing the speed and reliability of your PC.

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Consulting and Education

Details coming soon!

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Web Design

Does your business need another way to reach the most possible clients? Custom web design can be the perfect solution.

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Latest Blog

Google Drive Basics #1

Some basics features of Google Drive with Gage. Music:

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Ease of Access for Windows 10

If you own a Windows-based computer or tablet and have not been living under a rock over the past year, you know that Windows 10 is here. With that being said, we have been receiving a lot of questions from […]

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Own It!!!

“I know troubles, they may come and go But good times, they’re the gold So if the road gets rocky,… Just steady as we go”   I was listening to music as I reply to the 132 (really 132!) I […]

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Radio Interview KLKC

Last week, I was honored to be on “Talk of the Town” on KLKC 93.5FM in Parsons, Kansas. It was a great conversation about smart growth and innovation in rural areas. Plus an announcement in segment three. Enjoy!

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Back That Data Up!

In this ever changing world we live in and now as more and more items in our lives go from paper to digital, we now have to be careful of what we place where in cyberspace and on our computers […]

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5 Benefits of Managed Services

I found this article about MSPs, and with our re-launch next month, I figure this is a great one to share. “With IT’s ever-changing and ever evolving demands, it’s important that businesses, especially those with fewer resources, be able to […]

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The Power of the Consumer

I know that this is a blog on an IT website and I usually speak on all things techie, but this one is going to be a little different.   In our area, there is only a finite amount of […]

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Managed Services: Why and Why Now?

We have been open for a little while now and I wanted to talk about what we offer a little more in depth. We do the computer repair along with web sites and what you would typically see from other […]

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Tech Help!: School’s Out!

School is out for kids all over now. With that brings them back into the home instead of school daily. When I was a kid (in my best old man voice), we were outside until the street light came on […]

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The Sharpest Networking Tool: Your Ears!

All of us are of age where we have sat in some room and listened to some man or woman talk about how networking is the key to everything in life. “It will help you with a sales lead,” or […]

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