Managed Services: Why and Why Now?

We have been open for a little while now and I wanted to talk about what we offer a little more in depth. We do the computer repair along with web sites and what you would typically see from other computer companies around. But what sets us apart (besides my charm and boyish good looks) is what we offer to business. We are a Managed Services Provider (MSP if you have never heard of it). This means for business we can be your IT department without the human resource cost and headache.

There are some decided advantages to outsourcing to a managed service provider. Those who choose to use an MSP can reduce their overhead costs while increasing their network services and can implement a distributed network without having internal distributed resources. Likewise, they can support dynamic business growth even with restricted budgets and staffing levels, and can quickly implement new technologies to remain competitive. Using an MSP allows businesses to deliver managed services to more remote workers and deliver high-quality, high-availability services 24 hours a day. Using an MSP also allows employees to stay focused on the business and keeps them up to date on cutting edge technologies. For example, many businesses will find that they can save up to 50 percent by consolidating their voice and data services onto a single network or hosting their server and application infrastructure offsite. And doing this all at a lower cost than the average computer repair guy.

The biggest problem I have seen in businesses so far is that if they have IT issues are always a reactionary issue. Something breaks causing downtime for them and a potential loss in productivity and revenue. A(n) MSP can be proactive; developing an IT plan and manage your entire IT infrastructure and grow with your business with the best cost cutting measures.

Let’s face it: technology is a way of life. It will be here for now on, and must be embraced by business both large and small. The advantage now is that an MSP can help you embrace the present and prepare you for the future.