The Power of the Consumer

I know that this is a blog on an IT website and I usually speak on all things techie, but this one is going to be a little different.


In our area, there is only a finite amount of times where there are new things brought to the communities. That can be anything from a restaurant, church, retail business, or public park. Take it from me, to start a business in a smaller market is in incredibly challenging. The mental toughness it takes to keep moving in the face of bleakness, is perplexing. You have to have the ability to never get high when the days are good and never get low when the days are bad.


The only way any business can stay open is its customers, the community i.e. you! You are the reason we open and close. You keep us open and you can close us down. The consumer is one of the strongest forces in commerce on Earth today. That is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly. “With great power comes great responsibility,” which was once said buy someone noble, (Editor’s note: Spiderman :-) could not be said better by anyone in the business world. This power should not be taken likely.


“The customer is always right,” has been the mantra for generations. But we all know the truth, the customer is not always right. I know I will catch flack for saying that, but I am saying what many believe, I am just not afraid to say it. I will say the customer is valid in their feelings: meaning they come in with the best intentions but allow emotion and what others say cloud their judgement.


I, as a business owner, would love for all consumers to make their own judgements when in business. Be it a new restaurant, vet, grocery store, or a bar in town, draw your own conclusions and start a dialogue with the ones in charge. They really do value your opinion when it is presented in a smart and well informed way.


The apparent disconnect happens when you make a hasty judgement because of what you thought you heard, and not what you have actually experienced. We business owners, on this side of the consumer marketplace want to know what you like and don’t like about your experience; we just want an informed judgement.


I know when people read this they are going to think I am lashing out at the public in a whole. Trust me: I am doing the complete opposite of that. What I am doing is giving the public the belief and power that they can make communities grow or fail, based on their choices. We survive based on your feedback and business. We need it to feed our families and live out our dreams of being a business owner.


I want every consumer to go to your local businesses and give them all a fair shot with a clear mind. If it is great service and what you wanted, let them know. If it is not to your liking, please let them know just as well, Just do it with the same amount of energy on both sides. We as a small business love and strive to meet every need and welcome all comments, no matter their origin, good or bad.