Back That Data Up!

In this ever changing world we live in and now as more and more items in our lives go from paper to digital, we now have to be careful of what we place where in cyberspace and on our computers for fear of the dreaded hackers [gasp]! But what about the things that happen because well….sh*t happens?? I once dropped my cell phone in snow and kicked it about thirty feet (RIP first cell phone). And on a larger scale, what about the big banks, doctor’s offices, and labs that have their and your information on their system. Imagine a storm knocking that building out. You would think all is lost…well you’re not totally right on that.

Major corporations now back up data to another server (like a computer on West Germany steroids) somewhere else. It could be in the same town, but usually its somewhere far away for safety reasons. Now, I know the phrase “store it in the cloud” has been used time and time again but I want to say that there is not an actual cloud somewhere being controlled by the genie from Aladdin (though that would be really cool)! There are server farms [huge buildings of servers] all over the world that store this data in case of emergency. The reason this is all stored is simple, data is power! Its all power! The value of data is priceless. Think back to when Target was hacked and data was compromised and in some cases lost. That cost the super store around $191 million (US). Now for them, they are so large they can take the hit and recover; but think of the small or medium business that this happens to. Through legal fees, insurance deductibles, and lost records to customers, this could be the end of the local shop.

So this is why backing up and encrypting data is so important. Yes, it does cost some but not as much as people and the price of a breach is up to 500 times the amount of the monthly cost of backing up what you have. This can be done through a lot of good software and also through the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

In short, you can say you never need to so something until it happens and by then you are too late. You need to treat your information and data like you would yourself with insurance. You don’t want to be uninsured and then break your leg do you??

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