Ease of Access for Windows 10

If you own a Windows-based computer or tablet and have not been living under a rock over the past year, you know that Windows 10 is here. With that being said, we have been receiving a lot of questions from those who require assistance in viewing or hearing their new operating system. To get there, you should go to the Start Menu and go to Settings (the cog). From there, select “Ease of Access”.

From here you have several different options to choose from. See the description from How To Geek for a more detailed look.


For the blind or those with acute sight limitations, Narrator is a vital tool which will read off the contents of any page, window, or application your click into piece by piece, while also reciting the specific portions of those selections out loud.

Many of the same features first introduced in Windows 7 have carried through to 10, such as reading off the characters you type as you type them, playing audio cues when you click into new pages or applications, and reading off hints for controls and buttons which will nudge sight challenged users in the right direction based on carefully tuned prediction algorithms.


Magnifier is yet another of the Windows Ease of Access features designed to assist anyone who either has trouble reading their screen, or even just creative professionals wants a tool that will allow them to get a close up view of detail work in 3D modeling, Photoshop, or game design.

Here you’ll find options such as turning the Magnifier on or off, inverting colors within the magnified area (again, made with designers and digital painters in mind), and a toggle which will automatically start the Magnifier tool each time you log in to your account.

These are just a few of the many options that are available in Windows. We are here to help all of you with setup and assistance. Please contact us anytime for your questions.