AHCA, What IT Can Mean for You

For those who really know me, they know I have been working in the healthcare arena for a very long time so I felt I had to write something about the news that came out last week. With the passing of the new American healthcare act or HCA for short, this brings a new paradigm shift to the American citizens. Like the last healthcare bill, the Affordable Care act, Also known as “Obama care”, this one is pledged to bring universal healthcare to all American citizens. But the question is, does it bring health care to all or to a few. What you look at here are the numbers: Libby stop and stressed I am not being partisan anyway I want to show both sides what’s going on here.

Working in a healthcare arena for the past 10 years, I have to say I was excited to see universal healthcare. But I also understand the American healthcare system is one of the most complex and complicated systems in the world. We are the richest country in the world and have not even top 10 healthcare. Nice of you may ask why is that the case? That answer like the system is complex and convoluted and I’ll try explaining here. Insurance companies United States have essentially built a cartel for himself: meeting basic the rules, and do not allow anyone to play in their sandbox. Before the ACA, to go out and buy insurance on your own was almost a monumental task. LSU had insurance through your employer you with uninsured for most your life. BCA was not a perfect plan, not in the least. The roll out and implementation was a disaster, and the president at the time toward a huge sigh by saying you could keep the doctor you wanted. The issue was insurance companies only cover certain network is a physician’s, so if your doctor was a network A. and the ACAs exchange was in network B you cannot see that Dr.

But the huge advantage of the ACA was it took away pre-existing conditions and gave equality to all people. A lot of people didn’t realize this but insurance companies consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition and would deny women insurance for this. Especially those that are considered in “high risk” which just means they were over a certain age.

Also, the ACA created subsidies for those who couldn’t afford the high price insurances but would keep the same care. For example, according to the Kaiser family foundation, if a 60s-year-old male making $30,000 a year needed insurance, he could be going to exchange and purchase insurance for about $4400 annually.

The new American healthcare act does keep a lot of good things of the Affordable Care Act. Pre-existing conditions are still included, and kids can stay on the parent’s insurance to age 26. But there are in, in my opinion, major issues with this latest bill. First, is the large tax break to insurance company CEOs. According to the bill given to the public last week, top insurance heels receiving $500,000 tax break for no reason outside of being top insurance CEOs. You may not know the salaries of these guys but you can be seeing seven and eight figure salaries being made every year for leaders of the top insurance companies. Also, do the massive tax break for those in the upper percentiles of income in our society. Now me personally, I do not mind paying taxes if it’s within reason. I don’t want be overtaxed the next person but I do believe we ought to have fair share. But for the millionaires and billionaires, this law will create with a ethics of you have no taxes for insurance but receive a huge tax break this for being rich.

Let’s take that 60-year-old male making $30,000 year again. Under the new post house plan that same email living in the Midwest, would have is insurance decreased by between 25 and 50%. That is terminal what county lives in and what insurance companies are available to any exchange in that county. Which brings another monkey wrench into the issue, the insurance companies. Insurance companies are private companies, they can do what they want. As we saw in last few years we saw many companies backed out of insurance exchanges around the country because they felt they would I get generate a high enough profit. That can happen under this plan as well. That’s just called capitalism, which I read huge fan and proponent for. The president has stated he will work with insurance companies to create competition and wants to remove the barriers one state lines to allow people to go to other states and by insurance. Which, I think is a tremendous and a fantastic idea. The problem is, insurance companies do not want that.

As I was writing this, the Congressional Budget Office – a nonpartisan group that scores bills released by Congress – came out with the report on the bill and stated that many inch insured by the ACA, or longer be insured under the eight HCA. Their projections stay, that people without insurance will grow by 14 million in 2018 with that number rising to 24 million people in a decade. However, the deficit would decrease by $337 billion over a decade.

So in closing I ask each of you to go through your own research on this. I may have my opinion, but it’s up to each of us to do research on and no what we’re doing here. It’s up to each of us do our research, as the probing questions, and stand up for believe in if we think something is right or wrong. I will write more on this as news unfolds….