Managed Services

Let us be your personal “IT pro” and take the tech issue out of your hands. We can be onsite or link remotely to address each problem that occurs.

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Computer Repair and Install

Computers are machines and do break down over time. They can also cause frustration with viruses or general slowness. Let us take away the burden with complete computer cleanup; increasing the speed and reliability of your PC.

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Consulting and Education

Details coming soon!

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Web Design

Does your business need another way to reach the most possible clients? Custom web design can be the perfect solution.

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Latest Blog

Tech Help!: School’s Out!

School is out for kids all over now. With that brings them back into the home instead of school daily. When I was a kid (in my best old man voice), we were outside until the street light came on […]

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The Sharpest Networking Tool: Your Ears!

All of us are of age where we have sat in some room and listened to some man or woman talk about how networking is the key to everything in life. “It will help you with a sales lead,” or […]

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Tech Help! Social Media: The Best Worst Thing???

Let’s face facts; I am thirty years old. Now to some you that is not old, and to some that is ancient. I am so old that my Facebook log in uses a “.edu” address. Why is that you ask??? […]

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Tech Help!: Technology Advantages in Rural America

In my time going around the country you travel to towns of a few dozen to cities of millions. In doing so, you see some cultural differences that aren’t negative in any way. Large cities have huge skyscrapers and all […]

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